bn::sprites_mosaic_stretch_to_action class

Modifies the stretch of the mosaic applied to the sprites until it has a given state.

Base classes

template<typename Property, class PropertyManager>
class to_template_action<fixed, sprites_mosaic_stretch_manager>
Modifies the property until it has a given state.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

sprites_mosaic_stretch_to_action(int duration_updates, fixed final_stretch)

Public functions

auto final_stretch() const -> fixed
Returns the stretch when the action is updated the given number of times.

Function documentation

bn::sprites_mosaic_stretch_to_action::sprites_mosaic_stretch_to_action(int duration_updates, fixed final_stretch)


duration_updates Number of times that the action must be updated until the stretch is equal to final_stretch.
final_stretch Stretch when the action is updated duration_updates times.

This stretch must be in the range [0..1].