bn::iforward_list::iterator class

Non const iterator.

Public types

using value_type = iforward_list::value_type
Value type alias.
using size_type = iforward_list::size_type
Size type alias.
using difference_type = iforward_list::difference_type
Difference type alias.
using reference = iforward_list::reference
Reference alias.
using const_reference = iforward_list::const_reference
Const reference alias.
using pointer = iforward_list::pointer
Pointer alias.
using const_pointer = iforward_list::const_pointer
Const pointer alias.
using iterator_category = forward_iterator_tag
Iterator category alias.

Public functions

auto operator++() -> iterator&
Increments the position.
auto operator*() const -> const_reference
Returns a const reference to the pointed value.
auto operator*() -> reference
Returns a reference to the pointed value.
auto operator->() const -> const_pointer
Returns a const pointer to the pointed value.
auto operator->() -> pointer
Returns a pointer to the pointed value.


auto operator==(const iterator& a, const iterator& b) -> bool defaulted
Default equal operator.

Function documentation

iterator& bn::iforward_list::iterator::operator++()

Increments the position.

Returns Reference to this.