bn::affine_bg_map_cell_info class

Manages the properties of an affine background map cell.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

affine_bg_map_cell_info() defaulted constexpr
Default constructor.
affine_bg_map_cell_info(affine_bg_map_cell cell) explicit constexpr

Public functions

auto cell() const -> affine_bg_map_cell constexpr
Returns the managed affine_bg_map_cell.
void set_cell(affine_bg_map_cell cell) constexpr
Sets the managed affine_bg_map_cell.
auto tile_index() const -> int constexpr
Returns the referenced tile index.
void set_tile_index(int tile_index) constexpr
Sets the referenced tile index.


auto operator==(affine_bg_map_cell_info a, affine_bg_map_cell_info b) -> bool defaulted constexpr
Default equal operator.

Function documentation

bn::affine_bg_map_cell_info::affine_bg_map_cell_info(affine_bg_map_cell cell) explicit constexpr


cell Managed affine_bg_map_cell.