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They allow to set the position of sprites, backgrounds and rectangle windows relative to another position.


file bn_camera_actions.h
file bn_camera_ptr.h
file bn_cameras.h
file bn_config_cameras.h


namespace bn
Main Butano namespace.
namespace bn::cameras
Cameras related functions.


class bn::camera_position_manager
Manages the position of a camera_ptr.
class bn::camera_move_by_action
Modifies the position of a camera_ptr by a given delta.
class bn::camera_move_to_action
Modifies the position of a camera_ptr until it has a given state.
class bn::camera_move_loop_action
Modifies the position of a camera_ptr from a minimum to a maximum. When the position is equal to the given final state, it goes back to its initial state and vice versa.
class bn::camera_move_toggle_action
Changes the position of a camera_ptr when the action is updated a given number of times.
class bn::camera_ptr
std::shared_ptr like smart pointer that retains shared ownership of a camera.
struct bn::hash<camera_ptr>
Hash support for camera_ptr.



Define documentation


Specifies the maximum number of cameras that can be created with bn::camera_ptr static constructors.